Egyptian President Morsi removed from power by the army


The embattled leader was the victim of a military coup Wednesday, with officers informing the ex-president that his run as head of Egypt’s government was abruptly finished.

The Egyptian military then suspended the Islamic-backed constitution and announced an upcoming presidential election to find a replacement for Morsi.

Morsi — who became Egypt’s first democratically-elected president in June 2012 — was informed that he is “no longer a part of the decision-making circle,” according to the state-run Al-Ahram newspaper.

Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi and the leader of his Muslim Brotherhood are under a travel ban, according to officials at Cairo’s airport.

The televised announcement by Defense Minister Abedlfatah al-Seesi was greeted with fireworks and raucous cheers by the millions of anti-Morsi protesters packed Tahrir Square

Morsi’s year-old government toppled under mass public opposition and military intervention. Army troops and tanks were dispatched across Cairo as the president’s truncated term ended.

A group of leading Muslim and Christian clerics, along with opposition leader Mohamed ElBaradei, were expected to hold a news conference detailing plans for the nation’s post-Morsi future.

The defiant Morsi was removed from office shortly after the expiration of a deadline imposed by the military for the president and protesters to resolve their disputes.

Posted by Hellen Tesfaye


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